Workshops open to the public spring 2023

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Company News, Effective Teams, Innovation, Leadership

Dr. Tad Dickel is leading four professional development opportunities through University of Evansville during the spring 2023.

Creative Thinking Bootcamp – February 28 11:30am-1pm

This workshop is designed to enhance creative thinking that leads to greater innovation within organizations. Participants learn about the accelerating rate of change, divergent and convergent thinking, what hinders creativity and innovation, and characteristics of effective and innovative teams. In advance of the workshop, participants will complete the Basadur Profile which is used to help them understand how they and those around them approach creativity and problem solving. At the end of the workshop, participants will discuss how they can apply these skills within their organization.

Providing Effective Feedback – May 16 11:30am-1pm

Providing effective feedback to employees is an essential but challenging skill for leaders. Attendees will learn different approaches to sharing meaningful constructive feedback and have opportunities to practice them. 

Leadership Coaching Bootcamp (four session series) – March 21, April 11, April 25, May 9 9am-noon

Leadership coaching is an effective approach to develop employees through customized development plans, setting expectations, providing regular feedback, and having one on one conversations. The goal of this program is to apply a coaching approach to leadership that will build up the capacity of managers and supervisors to improve the performance of their direct reports.

Basadur Simplexity Level 1.0 and 2.0 (Facilitator Certification) – April 17-19

Through this three-day interactive workshop at the University of Evansville:

  • Enhance your individual abilities to innovate.
  • Facilitate innovation as a team member and leader.
  • Become a Certified Basadur Simplexity Facilitator.

LEVEL 1:  Using The Basadur Simplexity Innovation System
Your introduction to the unique Basadur system. Through an interactive workshop, you’ll learn the process, skills, and tools of innovation by applying them to real work-related problems of your own. You’ll walk away with a full understanding of the Basadur Innovation Profile, and how to use Simplexity Thinking to uncover hidden ideas that maximize results. Participants are eligible to become a Certified Basadur Simplexity Practitioner.

LEVEL 2: Leading Basadur Simplexity Innovation Sessions
In this workshop you’ll learn not just how to master Simplexity Thinking, but how to lead teams through the process yourself. In one-on-one interaction with others, and using existing teams, you’ll acquire the leadership skills that will enable your organization to make proactive change. Once completed, you’ll become a certified Simplexity Thinking Facilitator.

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