Does your organization need to establish a vision and plan for the future? Successful organizations develop a clear focus and vision for the future that is shared and understood by all employees and stakeholders. We are expert strategic planning consultants who help organizations develop and execute strategy, and our processes encourage creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

As trained and experienced facilitators, we design customized planning processes that develop a unified vision, gather input from a wide variety of stakeholders, and create a clear process for execution of the plan. There are many advantages of using an outside facilitator to lead planning processes, including having someone responsible for moving the planning process forward.

Thank you for an awesome job of leading us through this. I have been on other planning sessions, and I have to say this was much more enjoyable than a lot of them. It really makes a difference when you have a great and committed group to work with and a strong and positive facilitator!

- Strategic Planning Client


Facilitate, develop, and execute strategy


Although we focus on strategic planning, we also facilitate meetings and complex problem solving processes. A high quality facilitator can make meetings more productive and efficient, and we work to separate the content (the “what” of a meeting) from the process (the “how” of a meeting) to ensure a high level of creativity and collaboration. We help organizations have difficult discussions, work through complex problems, and develop creative solutions.

Organizations need to inform their decisions with high quality data, and we can help identify pertinent data and compile into reports to develop greater understanding. Our team has expertise in qualitative research methods to help you identify key themes that emerge in interviews, focus groups, and surveys. We can design and administer surveys for organizations, and we also strategically partner with providers that will deliver high quality data to inform decisions.

Many organizations develop strategy and then struggle to executive it. They simply get caught up in their day to day responsibilities and are challenged to have a more strategic focus. We can help you develop a process for execution and regular review of strategic plans and other organizational goals to maximize your focus.

Help your organization develop and execute a strategic plan or planning process.