Are you looking for an affordable tool to help your team work more effectively, collaboratively, and creatively? We regularly use the Basadur Profile to improve the effectiveness of teams. Individual team members can complete the assessment online, and we provide individual and team reports. Utilizing the Basadur Profile enhances team creativity, collaboration, and problem solving by helping each individual understand their unique problem solving preference and how that relates to their team members’ preferences.

Bring the Basadur Profile to Your Team


The Basadur Profile identifies how each individual’s unique preference for the four phases of the innovation process. These phases include: 1) Generating, 2) Conceptualizing, 3) Optimizing, and 4) Implementing.

According to Basadur Applied Innovation (2012), the objectives of the Profile include:

Be confident with your own creative style

Help appreciate and value others’ styles

Diagnose team problems

Set up successful teams

Developing and Executing Strategy

The Basadur Profile takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. After completing the Profile, team members are led through hands on activities to help them better understand the results. We can provide these learning experiences online or on site in customized offerings, but we recommend a minimum of two hours for the workshops. Teams walk away with a better understanding of their individual differences and similarities. This new understanding allows individuals to operate more cohesively.

Dr. Min Basadur developed the Profile based on over 40 years of research, and over 150,000 people have taken it. The Profile is regularly updated to enhance reliability and validity. To learn more about the Profile, click here. Dr. Tad Dickel is a Certified Basadur Profile Administrator.

Are you ready to learn how the Basadur Profile can help your team work more effectively, collaboratively, and creatively?